Enrolment Info. I will be recognizing online enrolments from the start of phase 2 All enrolments can be completed ONLINE

Enrolment Info. I will be recognizing online enrolments from the start of phase 2 All enrolments can be completed ONLINE

WGC Open Night Tours

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Tours must certanly be booked as number were limited. Both students and mother include thanks for visiting sign up for. You will definitely get at WGC for 60-90 hour. Whilst this day is designed for incoming 12 months 9 students along with their parents, years 10-13 are likewise introducing go to. Unfortunately we are unable to create on-the-spot car.

Are interested in completely about life at WGC? have a look at these video: Principals basic principles , mind people Message & season 9 interview .

Crucial Dates for Students creating at WGC in 2022

Seasons 10,11, 12 & 13

For thinking reasons you request software from mothers of youngsters who live in all of our room sector, for entry into season 9 in 2022, to get into both hands of WGC by 26/7/2021. This is not a deadline. In sector services might end up being established providing by way of the enrolment specialist

The faculty is restricted in the range locations with the ability to provide kids each and every degree. As a consequence they functions an enrolment structure. The order of top priority for students is just as observe:

House Zone Enrolments

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All people who happen to live with the room sector have entitlement to enrol in the faculty. Proof of long-term home within your residence sector is going to need.

Considering Area Enrolments

Software for enrolment are prepared during the as a result of arrange of priority:

If there are far more people through the second, 3rd, last, 5th or sixth goal groups than discover sites readily available, variety in the goal party are going to be by a ballot carried out in line with manuals released with the assistant under segment 11G(1) for the studies work 1989. People will likely be updated of the time of the vote by observe in a daily newsprint flowing in the region presented through the college.

Applicants desire next, 3rd or 4th concern updates perhaps expected to promote evidence of a brother connection.

12 Months 9 Ballot

Ballot for away sector destinations at seasons 9 levels would be conducted on 06 August 2021. We shall certainly not understand numerous, if any, away zone locations are going to be available for buy until after 26 July 2021 any time every one of the enrolments go to. Within the last few ten years there is offered places to siblings and previous siblings a number of a long christian connection cena time, but hardly ever daughters of earlier babes. No niche 5 (without any connection to the school) areas being provided since 2011.

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